Check this off my to-do list !

6 04 2010

Incredible that it only took me 3 years to populate my blog with an actual post especially on a day when i wasnt actually at work.  Blogging on a blog about work whilst not working doesn’t seem quite right.

Maybe I haven’t felt like i had any reportable “antics” or maybe i don’t really want to savour what i have done, just move on to the next adventure.

btw i can hear my cat hacking up a fur ball right now.  ew

i have been at the museum 14 yrs and have many great experience, in  my old age i feel slightly melancholy that i haven’t recorded some of the great things and great people that work here.  We have had a rash of retirements and leavings at the museum, maybe this is why now is the right time to do this.




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