So a promise is a promise….

18 04 2010

I lack inspiration at work at the moment.. not that my work isnt stimulating but people dont understand that the bulk of my day to day is shifting specimens here and there and recording where they are in the database.

So to balance the daily grind (pun intended) I have been pursuing some interests outside of work, namely coffee and cooking.  I have always loved coffee, the way it smells after it is freshly ground, those cute little beans, the huge range of taste. In essence, i have become a coffee snob.. to further the addiction, I am a diehard Indie coffee house drinker… i (with my partner in crime, Ken) head to different areas of the city to seek out good coffee.  So in future posts you’ll see some coffee house reviews..mostly to remind myself where, when and some details on the house blends.

The OTHER obsession at the moment is cooking.. I am 11 months out of gastric bypass surgery, and while the drive to eat isnt as strong as it once was, my head seeks stimulation… the thought of throwing a bunch of things together and making something amazing appeals to me, further add the nuiances of a new stomach and it makes it a challenge.  I fundamentally believe that if you dont make it interesting and dont learn to cook for yourself, you will fail the surgery. This is what keeps me focused.

SO.. from a blog about museum stuff, to coffee to new recipes i have made…PLUS mention about my wonder cats, my soon to be husband, Ken  my nephews and hopefully new niece (fingers crossed it is a girl), and knitting this blog hasnt LOST focus, but become more encompassing.. well at least that is how i am selling it to myself in my own head.




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