Almost there ….

15 06 2010

It has been a long road in some respects and in other ways, the time has flown by. I was digging through
my closet over the weekend and i found my jeans !! Very early out of surgery I started going to a Thursday night support group out in Scarborough with others who have had weight loss surgery. All the books talk about greater success if you have a network… I am all for upping my odds. These people are fabulous and have been tremendously supportive. Anyway Jan told me to save ONE pair of pants at my heaviest weight to crack out when I had hit my year. My year was the end of May, but was hectic that I had forgotten all about it !
I remember these jeans were tight at 320 lbs…

i fit into one leg of my old jeans !! Jan, you are a GENIUS !

look at all the room in there !

So I have my ups and downs, but overall, this feels pretty good.




One response

17 06 2010
Andrea Hart

WOW – absolutely incredible Kat, I’m so proud and happy for you. Maybe you could make yourself a couple of denim skirts out of your jeans seeing as you can fit into one leg? xx

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