Could this be my back door ?

17 06 2010

I wanted to head to the Annex at lunch hour to stretch my legs, work off the huge amounts of cheese I ate last night and get some pita break lavash. I popped into Noah’s Health Food store in search of lavash and other exotic looking things and came across this:

So I was feeling lucky and decided to give Coco Natura Coconut Sweetner a whirl.. 3 grams of carbs/sugar per tsp., and it says low GI, way less than cane sugar (35 vs 50).
I opened it in Starbucks to add to my iced coffee, and stuck my finger in for a taste.. it tastes like a mild brown sugar, sort of caramel in taste and colour. While it didnt mix well with my iced drink, it did taste delicious without the Splenda after taste. I like it is natural, and while i wont give up Splenda, I will use this on a daily basis for my coffee.
My sweet tooth is always looking for a way around the “no added sugar” rule… I think I may have struck gold !




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