The Motherload & USPS Stupidity

15 07 2010

My friend Sonya and I grew up in Southeastern Ontario, home of Heinz ketchup, and Green Giant corn.. incredibly fertile soil. So Sonya went home a couple of weeks ago and brought me a basket of “fresh” stuff from the Leamington.

Why do I get excited when someone brings me vegetables ? Everything is fresh, and just delicious. I also think there are things here I wouldn’t normally buy, so there is a challenge in trying to use it. I think I was most excited to use that puffed up zucchini ball thing.. i saw it like a pepper, and of course stuffed it with a meaty cheese blend and just roasted it, until it was moist and delicious. Ken called a do-over yet there was only one.

On another note, wedding is full gear, and both Ken and I have decided we are more excited about vacation than we are about our wedding. Ah well, it will be good when we have nothing else to plan. I am worried that my fluevog shoes havent shown up yet and USPS doesnt have tracking outside of the US.

Because as we ALL know, nothing exists above the 49th parallel. I was ranting about this to friends who mentioned that this is an actual Trivial Pursuit question.. what percentage of Americans can name the country to the north, and the answer is only 45% ! D’oh




2 responses

9 12 2010

You know, I never saw this post before !

Talk about coming up late .. ha !

Anyway — that zucchini ball — I have been looking for them, and only one place has them that I know of .. Lee and Maria’s in Kingsville. As soon as the good weather comes back, I will be on the hunt for them again! I stuffed mine and loved them as well, but alas only bought two of them! One for me and one for you 🙂

9 12 2010

Sonya, you gotta know I LOVE those veggie baskets.. we were SO spoiled growing up in the middle of farm country. Best tomatoes EVER !

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