I am BACK …..

9 08 2010

and feeling bloated. ugh ! Too many carbs on the second week of our vacation/wedding…so as we unpacked on Saturday night we had our last “vacation” meal of Dangerous Dan’s Diner food and looked ahead to a new week and back on track. I was convinced that I had eaten too much whilst away and Sunday morning weigh in told me otherwise. Regardless, my tummy (upper and lower) isn’t happy and Ken will divorce me if I continue to produce “currents of air” (you get my drift). Tomorrow I am starting a 5 Day Pouch Test, to get my system back on track. I will blog food and recipes of each of my days. I have done one of these just before my first surgiversary and they really work when trying to rid carb cravings and junk that sort of filters back into your diet.

SO.. today was cooking day. I made a pork tagine in my new tagine pot (so exciting) but also made some standbys for the week, so we arent left scratching our heads thinking ‘What did we use to eat prior to vacation?”

So I made:
Tuna Muffins (recipe on this blog)

Turkey Bacon Meatloaf (with blue cheese)

Ham and Cheese Soup (will post recipe Monday)

Pork Tagine

my (well ours, but who are we kidding, Ken wont use this) lovely new tagine pot

Celery (well, i didnt make it per-say, just cut it up)
We use celery as a vehicle for dips like hummus, or right now, Kraft whipped Peanut Butter (holy crap it is good)

and this is the peanut butter… (lower in calories because of all that lovely air)

Back to work (reality) tomorrow and I think I am set…I am will endeavor to blog every day of my 5 day pouch test for those who are bypassed and want are interested to see if it works.




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