Day 5: MEAT !

16 08 2010

seriously a very meaty friday and well.. the entire weekend. Ken won a $200 GC to Harbour 60 Steakhouse and we wanted to use it for a apres-wedding night out. The steaks are huge and expensive…but we didnt have any clue until we got there. Ken said it was the best steak he has ever ordered… I ordered the prime rib, it was 27 ounces, with the bone in.

Ken ordered the 12 ounce porterhouse steak noting the lobster brie mashed potato side.

Needless to say, i couldn’t finish my dinner, and Ken only ate of his steak so he could have dessert. We ate that prime rib and steak for the next two nights dinner. The sides just kept getting better, IMO. I love old school steakhouse creamed spinach !

So 5 day pouch test was good, i am no longer eyeing sugar free peak freen cookies, and i feel less bloated and yucky.
Dinner tonight is something less meaty… a nice egg souffle, something light and less meat !
Happy meat day everyone !




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