Cottage Country

7 09 2010

SO.. because of the long weekend, Ken and I decided to head up to the land of Bobcaygeon dinner jackets (google this for those who dont know what this is) and the land of a billion lakes. Ken and I have bad luck camping on Labour Day weekend… some hurricane from some place more exotic always hits the east coast of Canada over Labour Day bringing wind and rain. After 24 hours of rain in a tent, you are sort of over it. So this year we were able to head up to a cottage and sure enough, Hurricane Alex appears. Ken said it was much nicer to weather a tropical depression in the comfort of a cottage, looking out onto the lake with the fireplace on.
It seemed all we did this weekend was sleep, eat and think about what we were going to eat next.

Picture of Ken having a morning coffee:

I was all hyped to go to a farmer’s market and researched the one that I thought sounded best, for fresh local fruits and vegetables. So 11am we head out to the Kinmount Farmers market, me all geeked to get weird and wonderful preserves, fresh corn and some tomatoes. We hit Kinmount and realized it was the weekend of the Kinmount Fair. We were stuck in a “traffic jam” caused by the Kinmount parade.
My gut told me that I was close to the veggie people, so I hopped out of the car and left Ken in the car to wait out the parade. As I was running through the town of Kinmount, looking side to side for the Sawmill and the veggie people, my market bag flapping in the breeze, I encountered the root of our problem, the parade.

Large men with Shriner hats in little cars, and Gore Gore Rollergirls… I just wanted vegetables.

I see the Sawmill and run over (thank goodness I was wearing my trusty running shoes and foul weather gear), and run into the building and THERE WAS NO VENDORS ! I asked the lady who was doing the gardening outside and she said the vendors were at the fair this weekend. WELL, I had had just about enough of this damn fair and wasn”t about to pay money to go in to buy vegetables and exotic preserves, especially after weathering the Shriners with hats and little cars. I ran back up the hill, and jumped back into the car.

Ken said I looked like a crazy woman, MEC bag flapping, me jogging up the hill with the hood of my foul weather jacket up… he actually said I was crazed for even jumping out to begin with.
We had planned to go to Harmony Farm after for farm fresh eggs and breakfast. So we bypassed the parade madness and headed out.
I was slightly disappointed with Harmony Farms as they were touting freshly roasted “Balzac” coffee (a roaster 5 minutes from our house in Toronto) and “Gryffe’s bagels” (again, a Toronto icon). I was seriously bummed that I had driven 2.5 hours for stuff that is 10 minutes from my home in Toronto.

Completely dejected over the whole thing, we headed back to the car and back to Catchacoma Lake, where I took a nap sitting in a chair (because of all that uphill jogging) note my empty market bag (sigh)

All in all, this sunset was enough to salvage the weekend.



2 responses

7 09 2010

LOL the whole Kinmount Parade fiasco made me laugh out loud. I know that exact bridge too. My friend has his cottage in Irondale just 20min away.

8 09 2010

We had our friend Shelley with us and when I jumped out of the driver’s seat of the car with my market bag she asked ken’what just happened there?’ And Ken responded ‘she just lost it’
Stupid parade!

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