The Italians Have a Good Thing

22 09 2010

My friends and I often swap leftovers, new treats that we made, and new finds from the grocery store that we are able to eat. My friend Cat comes from a traditional Italian family and heard my struggles and disbelief at how LONG it takes to make passata. I am not sure I mentioned it but tomatoes this year were stellar, and I wanted to bottle all of this goodness for the winter time so I attempted to make a tomato purée sometimes referred to by its Italian name, passata di pomodoro. HOLY time consuming.. it is an all day affair, and I went non-traditional and roasted my tomatoes first to increase the flavour.
Cat’s family just made their annual passata so she gave me a jar. Two nights ago I cracked the jar to make a nice rustic red sauce that I could throw turkey meatballs in and let it all simmer.

I started with a nice onion saute, added garlic, some rosemary kicking around from feta-chicken-rosemary last week, and some celery, added some mushrooms, a link of chorizo and carrots (for sweetness) and let everything cook. Add my spices, and the passata, a shot of balsamic vinegar and some tomatoe paste.

Hats off to the Italians in the crowd… between the passata, Parmesan reggiano and the invention of the coffee machine, you are number one in my books.




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22 09 2010

And hats off to you for educating us on how to make FANTASTIC dishes!!


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