Meat Snacks

26 09 2010

This is a slightly caveman post, but sometimes you need to give your body some protein. For the gastrically challenged, our systems do not do carbs well AT ALL. In fact, they sit like a lead balloon in your new tummy and cause havoc further down your GI track. I can’t speak for everyone, but I also find that I retain some serious water weight if I indulge too heavily in our carby friends. This is why it is imperative to have some snacks on hand that are low in carbs, and high in taste. People must think my heart is about to explode, but I can assure everyone that the blood work is more than normal, and the running sort of cleans out the “pipes”.

I made two snacks, a oldie but a goodie, and a new snack that is baking RIGHT NOW (fingers crossed it works out).

The first snack is a 90 second treat we like to call “Meat Chips”. They are made from thinly sliced salami that is microwaved between papertowels to absorb the fat and intensify the salty meaty goodness.

Meat Chips
Salami prepped for it’s trip to the microwave

out of the microwave ..note the test meat chip in the bottom row.. it is important to sample for quality control

cooled and ready to eat !

Snack #2 – Cinnamon & Sugar Bacon

I was skeptical of this treat as I wasn’t convinced that the coconut sap sweetener I used would behave well for prolonged baking, and the bacon we get from the Filipino butcher is cut WAY thicker than the normal store bought stuff, so I doubted the crisping up factor.
NEVER DOUBT .. how could sweet and bacon ever be a mistake ?

1 lb bacon, thin is better
1/2 cup of brown sugar substitute (I use coconut sap)
2 teaspoons cinnamon

mix sweetener and cinnamon in bowl, and cut the bacon strip in half horizontially. Dredge bacon in mixture and place on a rack sitting on a cookie sheet, with tinfoil lining underneath (easy peasy clean up). You are suppose to twist the bacon but because we have zaftig bacon, it wouldn’t stay twisted.

Throw into a 400 degree oven for at least 15 minutes (this is dependent on how thick the bacon is.. i had to cook ours for 40 minutes)

HOLY COW delicious !! I only made half a pound as I wasn’t sure how it was going to turn out. DELICIOUS !
Ken wasn’t sold, but I was loving the sweet and cinnamon with the smoky and salty. DO OVER ! Thank God I have the other half pound in the fridge.

Nutritional on both of these for tracking would be just sliced salami and the coconut sap adds 240 calories over 1 lb of bacon.. so count how many half strips you get and go from there. Mine was 54 calories per piece, 3 g fat, 3 g protein. I weighed the bacon after it was cooked, because this bacon was thick.




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28 09 2010


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