Pilgrimage to a Mecca of Meat

28 09 2010

Have any of you been to Starsky’s ? It is this supermarket in the Greater Toronto Area that caterers to Polish-UK-Hungarian-slavic population, and has a lot of the traditional foods from these areas. If you THINK there is one kind of sauerkraut, then you need to go here and educate yourself !

SO.. the best part of this place is that along the back wall.. the ENTIRE back wall is a huge meat counter. People are probably thinking “big deal”.. NO NO, i mean this meat counter is larger than the back section at Costco.. it is HUGE, and it is broken down into dried and curied meats, pate, cheeses, fresh meat, a huge sausage counter.. these people are SERIOUS about their sausages.

We went on Sunday to get meat.. Ken sent me off with his bank card saying that he wanted some of their whipped horseradish cream cheese (HOLY GOOD), i wanted more salami and other meaty treats. We get there and the place is a ZOO, we all had our meat tickets, and there were 40 customers infront of me ! What I find is that once the meat counter ladies know you are a munga cake, they can be abrupt with you…. so I started to get nervous and slightly overwhelmed with all the selection. The whole situation is analagous to the soup nazi.

My friend Cat took a video on her iPhone of me being nervous about ordering meat… note that my friend Jude says (which made me piss laughing) “Meat Movie”..

Cat gets the shot of number 528.. i was 531 ! So nervous and there is SO much meat ! Jude can be heard to say “this is the best day of our lives”..LOL and Cat laughing and saying “I’m next”

YUP… our meaty adventures to Starsky’s… i love that Cat made a meat movie with her iPhone.




2 responses

28 09 2010

hahahahha! this is the best movie i’ve ever seen.

i also want to tell you that i think i have perfected bigos. i used some of the double smoked bacon that i bought there and some of the hungarian sausage. and some of that tube of paprika paste. and love.

the farting is epic.

1 11 2010

That shit rocks.. Low carbs, hearty and full of my favourite things simmering for hours
I use to eat sauerkraut sandwiches when I was a kid !
Was the sausage you used fresh or that sorta smoked hungarian one ??

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