Cauliflower Maddness Continues

13 10 2010

When we grew up my mother didn’t believe in anything from a box, and so we always had homemade macaroni and cheese. We desperately wanted the orange crap from the box. As an adult, I see the genius of my mother and the greatness of homemade. This is my mother’s recipe for mac and cheese.. she use to make it when we had a bunch of “cheese bums” that she wanted to use up, making this mac and cheese taste different each and every time. We use to squeal and say “there is stinky cheese in this Mac and Cheese”… Youth is wasted on the young, i guess.

As an adult having had the gastric bypass, noodles sit in my stomach like a lead balloon, and they actually make me feel horrible. I have tweaked this recipe so it is friendly to my new digestive tract, but evokes all those memories of warm, satisfying mac and cheese.

Cauliflower Mac and Cheese w/ Ham

1 cup 2% Milk
1 cup Landolakes Fat Free Half & half (or just another cup of milk)
1/4 cup Butter
1/4 cup Organic Coconut Flour (or normal flour)
2 tbsp Worcestershire
1 tsp of dijon mustard
1/4 tsp of nutmeg
1/2 tsp of hot sauce
1/2 cup Cottage Cheese 2%
5 oz Ham
3 oz of any cheese you have going in the house (hard cheese. no brie/la vache, or spreadable cheeses)
1/2 cup Parm Cheese
3 cups Cooked Cauliflower

Start in a pan with melting the butter, and then adding the flour (making a roux). Cook roux for a minute and add milk(s). Constantly stir on medium-high heat until milk thickens a bit (dont boil). Lower heat and add cottage cheese, and spice, stirring constantly. Add the grated, chopped mystery cheese and stir until melted and incorporated, set aside.
In a corning ware (or any oven ready dish) have the ham chopped and the cauliflower chopped down to a manageable size. Pour liquid over cauliflower-ham. You can bake now, or pull out of the fridge in the next couple of days to bake this in the oven at 350 until heated (approximately 30 minutes)

WLS serving is 1/2 cup:
Nutritional will be dependent on whether you use milk or fat free cream and what sort of cheese.. but it wont be wildly different.
Calories: 152, Fat 9g, Carb 8.5, Protein 7.5 g




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