Salad Maurice.. who was this dude?

14 10 2010

We all grew up with some influence from the ‘Kraft kitchen”… “new and innovative products from the makers of Kraft cheese slices”

This recipe is smack dab in the middle of the Kraft kitchen era, and it was the height of chic. My grandmother, who at the beginning of her nursing career worked at Henry Ford Hospital in Detroit, and use to go to Hudson’s Department Store to have this salad.

J.L. Hudson’s Department Store, at one time bigger than Macy’s in NY

“One menu item from Hudson’s, in particular, was the Maurice Salad. Who was Maurice? Some say he was a chef at Hudson’s, where this salad made its debut, though no one knows for sure. While Maurice’s identity may have faded into obscurity, his chef’s salad with this lemony-mayo dressing remains the number-one seller in all of Macy’s Michigan restaurants known as “The Lakeshore Grille”. Bottles of this famous dressing can be purchased in all of Macy’s Michigan locations, and now you can make this delicious dressing yourself!”

My grandmother and mother use to make this salad after the holidays when trying to rid themselves of leftover turkey or ham. The recipe calls for both, and I have been known to use chicken in lieu of turkey and bought two ham steaks as to make this wonderful salad. Ken LOVES this salad.. and asks for it constantly.

This makes a TONNE, so my suggestion is to half this recipe as half the recipe serves 6 to 10 (depending on your portion size)

Salad Maurice

2 teas. white vinegar
1-1/2 teas. freshly squeezed lemon juice
1-1/2 teas. onion juice (i just grate an onion until you get a pulp)
1-1/2 teas. sugar
1-1/2 teas. Dijon mustard
1/4 teas. dry mustard
1 cup of low fat mayonnaise (homemade or store-bought) (i use half mayo/half greek yogurt to cut the fat)

Salad Ingredients:
14 oz. ham, cut into strips
14 oz. cooked turkey breast, cut into strips
14 oz. Swiss cheese, cut into strips
1/2 c. slivered gherkin pickles (the french ones have no sugar)
1 head Iceberg lettuce, shredded

Mix all the salad ingredients together in a large bowl, and top with dressing, made in a separate bowl. This is a protein packed and so delicious for lunches.

Nuts for a 1/2 cup WLS serving is :
Calories 153, Fat 8.4 grams, Carbs 3.2 g, Protein 14.5 g




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17 10 2010


26 05 2011
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[…] recipe is based on my Salad Maurice recipe. I made the dressing the same way, and subbed in lobster (14 ounces) for chicken and 10 oz […]

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