Elk, the other beef ?

8 11 2010

So last weekend we ended up driving to St Mary’s, Ontario as the town of was naming a park in my grandfather’s honor. On the way we stopped in the lovely hamlet of Shakespeare as they had a cute junk shop, British goods store and a Country Market. Ken bought some local apples, and then spotted locally raised meat. Exciting !
We grabbed some elk meat, and headed up to the counter. I will try anything but I don’t really love ‘gamey’ tasting meats. I asked the sales lady if elk tasted gamey, and she said it was fantastic, and she had just made some meatballs with some of the ground elk.

We bought a pound of it and took it home to make something with it. I was still leary of the gamey factor so I settled on making some chili with it.
Wasn’t this the BEST chili I have ever had ! The elk was super lean, leaner than bison.
I crunched my recipe numbers and 3/4 of a cup of this heaven was a mere 194 calories, less than 3 grams of fat and 20 grams of protein.
I know that Whitehorse in the market sells elk, and we will definitely buy it again.
I pays outside the box when it comes to tried and true recipes ~! Chili was exciting at our house this weekend.




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