Breakfast of Champions

11 11 2010

Protein and vitamins ! Every day we start the day the same way, either protein coffee or protein shake. It has been almost 18 months and combined, Ken and I have lost a total of 243 lbs. I am wary of “mixing” it up a bit and getting rid of our protein shakes. We both like them and they work for us. As well, i notice we arent as hungry at the end of the day because we had a solid start to the day.

Making protein coffee is DEAD easy, and when you are “on the go” it takes 10 minutes. As you are brewing your coffee of choice, mix a scoop of protein with 1/4 cup of soya milk or whatever milk you have going. I sometimes add a shot of sugar free syrup if we are using a non-flavoured coffee.

Add the hot coffee, mixing as you pour so the protein doesnt clump. Top with whipped cream if you are relaxing on the weekends, and I have added a chocolate dipped sf pumpkin biscotti to Ken’s breakfast of champions.

We have been incredibly busy at home these last couple of weeks, laying a new floor and covering up a nail polish fiasco in our bathroom. Just now we have everything back where it should be and the cats are finally not flicking their tails at us in disgust.

Winnie on her circle rug admiring the new floor




One response

11 11 2010
Nik Nik

I’d never thought of a coffee shake! Thanks for the info, and congrats on your amazing combined weight-loss.

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