Rich Man, Poor Man

17 11 2010

SO.. it is no secret that both Ken and I love vintage shops and rummaging looking for a diamond in the rough. The other side of this coin is that when we shop at the market, we have NO budget. There are two of us and with my RNY, we are more like one person with a large appetite. We can afford to be a bit more choosy with ingredients because we dont need large amounts.

So this past Monday our local vintage store had a big blow out sale.. so ridiculous priced clothing was further reduced by 50%. Ken and I did the dishes and walked over to see what they had. We both managed to make out like bandits, me with my Banana Republic silk white suit ala Fantasy Island, and Ken with two Tommy Hilfiger blazers for $34.99 for the pair (woot).
me with my $2.50 Heart Belt.. lol

The next morning I decided that I was going to get some pork ribs out in celebration of our frugal finds the night before. Pork ribs can be expensive, and i think this rack came in at $25..LOL. We will only have half the rack tonight, and for sure will have plenty of leftover. This is a great recipe as you can put them in and walk away, but as well, for people who can’t have sugar, this is a great way to eat ribs without all the sugar BBQ sauce. A recipe nod to my friend Heather, who was preparing a similar dish for her husband’s birthday. It was the catalyst to try this recipe !

German Style Ribs and Sauerkraut

2 lbs of pork ribs
1 large can of sauerkraut
1 cup white wine (or stock)
juniper berries or caraway seeds
1 chopped onion

In a crock pot (i have no idea how large mine is, but it isnt a monster) place onions on the bottom of the pot, layering in half the ribs, sauerkraut, and another rib layer, and the rest of the kraut. Pour 1 cup of white wine (or chicken stock) into pot and sprinkle in dried juniper berries or caraway seeds. I usually leave this on all day when I am at work, so I use frozen meat, as it cooks the right amount, and doesn’t overcook. I also threw in some adobe spice.. it is a non-MSG seasoning.

There was no talking once I served this for dinner last night. At one point I looked over and Ken was in pork rib bliss. I shredded my pork off the bone, and scaled it before I ate it to make sure I was getting my 3 ounces of protein in. I served this with a heap of lovely wine infused sauerkraut and some polish mustard.

essentially the nutrition on this is shredded pork, i found a boneless pork rib entry in Daily Plate that quotes : 3 oz of pork (no sauce) 134 calories, 7g fat, 16g of protein. You will sometimes see this type of pork called “Country Pork” and you can use shoulder or even a roast to make this.




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