A Christmas Classic

6 12 2010

So the holidays will have loads of food, which is hard when you have made a conscious choice to move away from over-indulging at Christmas. My first Christmas out was fine, I ate turkey, veg, and some mashed potatoes, had gravy and a nice strong coffee for dessert but I did mention after to my shrink I missed these stupid Kraft kitchen peanut butter marshmallow squares my sister makes. There is NOTHING redeeming about them.. they are FAT and SUGAR but i use to love them.

This year I made a batch of sugar free ones .. to see if I could, and well, so at xmas I could have ONE and be done with it. It is always a balancing act from eating “Clean” and having an old favourite without old habits moving back into the ‘clean slate’ that you have been given. This is what I have been wrestling with this season… i CAN do and CAN bake anything…. but should I ? I was a baker in my previous life, and knowing how to use sugar subs in baking has been a challenge on a purely scientific level. I have mastered it, but it doesn’t mean I should be whipping up baked goods every week. Eighteen months out and this is a new revelation for me, and something I need to carry forward. The old adage that ‘the definition of insanity is doing the same thing and expecting a different result’ applies here.

So my plan is that this is most certainly a treat that I will be sharing with my coffee crew come Thursday and taking a couple to Xmas at my brother’s house. Enjoy these treats or any treats during the holiday season but make sure you can balance them so you aren’t feeling so junked out as the New Year rolls in. The very best feeling in the world is to feel like you have mastered restraint but still celebrated as the ball drops, and we move into another year.

Kraft Kitchen-esque Peanut Butter Marshmallow Squares

300g of sugar free chocolate (FYI bulk barn carries the larger sugar free chips.. or break up some chocolate bars)
1 cup SIMPLY JIF peanut butter (you need to use a brand that has a stabilizer in it, so organic & “just nuts” brands are not recommended as they won’t set)
2 pkgs of La Nouba sugar free marshmallows

Chop up marshmallows into smaller bits

In a microwave safe bowl add the chocolate chunks, and peanut butter. Nuke for 45 seconds intervals, taking out the mixture and giving it a good stir. I did this twice to get everything melted.
Start to stir in the marshmallows

pour into a pan and refrigerate until set. I will admit to plugging the whole thing into daily plate before I cut up the squares as I didn’t want the calories to be TOO high for each square.

SO 25 squares from a 9 x 9 pan !
Nutrition on these are as follows: 113 calories, 9 g of fat, 9.4 carbs and 3g of protein
Tweeks for next year would be to throw in some protein cereal to give it a bit of a crunch as well as up the protein a bit…. let’s never assume these are at ALL good for you, but a bit of a crunch would be nice touch.




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