Superstar !

7 12 2010

Ken got me to sign up on Facebook to the Steven and Chris show on CBC. I watched them when I was at home post surgery, in their infancy. It is nice to see the show gaining some momentum. They put a call out for models for Thursday’s show on make up and how it can make you look younger, a segment done by Sandy Gold.
I replied and was booked in for a noon on Thursday to be on Steven and Chris. I was so exciting.. more excited was my husband who “high-fived” me when I told him I was going to be on the Steven and Chris show. He was pretty chuffed about the whole thing.
WAIT until he sees the episode. We were the last segment of the shoot, and while there was some downtime between segments, we walked out to our respective chairs ready for Sandy Gold to do her way with us. I was all about illuminator… who knew what that stuff was for, and how to even apply it. I was sitting on the chair closest to Chris, who welcomed me with a big hello and then said “OMG LOOK AT THAT RING”…
yes, the engagement ring ! we started talking about it, he brought Steven over to look at it, as well as the chief camera guy and then he said to me “i am gonna mention this on camera if you dont mind”
I said my husband would be totally chuffed to have it mentioned, as he is quite proud of it.

** I will link the video when it is active on their site.. but as it stands, my episode with Sandy Gold airs on Thursday ** !

Here are some pics from the show… TOO FUNNY




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