Jam-ming !

19 12 2010

DIRTY.. well not really ! My mother was Martha Stewart before Martha Stewart knew she was Martha Stewart. My mom made quilts, knitted, could wire in a light fixture and make anything from scratch in the kitchen. We never ate a casserole once when we grew up, never had mac and cheese from a box and never EVER had jam bought from a store. As kids you always want what you never have, so store bought jam seemed so exotic.

Fast forward to adulthood and the fact that store bought jam tastes awful ! I use to make jam every summer all summer when Niagara on the Lake area cranked out all the summer fruit. It was hectic. I mentioned this to my mom, who said, “prep and freeze the fruit in batches and then you can make it anytime” BRILLIANT !
So in mid-December I grabbed 4 cups of prepped Niagara on the Lake cherries from the freezer and made jam for ME… I usually make full on sugar jam, but was resentful that I couldn’t eat it.

Finding sugar free friendly pectin at this time of year was a bit tough, but i DID find it ! Hurray !

I used the directions inside the box of pectin, 1 cup of apple juice, some lemon juice, pectin and five cups of stemmed and pitted cherries… OH and a dab of butter (to prevent foaming)

Let the whole thing boil, add sweetener (yes, i added half the splenda that they recommended because sweet cherries, are well, sweet)
Canned and sealed ready for the year. I love putting jam on greek yogurt or topping ricotta cheese with it. It makes a higher protein snack and it adds a dessert quality as well. I will use one jar to make a sugarless cherry cheesecake for sure.

What do you use jam in ?




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