Pumpkin Product Find

26 01 2011

So my friend Jude and I went on a 905 ethnic grocery store shopping-palozza on Sunday. First stop was TnT grocery store, who is owned and operated by Loblaws. It was clean, orderly and smelled great, which isn’t my experience with most Asian grocery stores.
We walked the aisles looking at everything, reading the backs to try and get an idea of what the product actually was.
Some of my favorites were the gigantic bean curd.. you could make a dress with it. Ken and Jude said you could wrap a baby in it, and Ken ‘went there” by saying babies taste better !!

and this particular “snack”… I guess whatever this was in Cantonese, it didnt translate well.. “Naughty Family” snack foods seems a bit suspect, but are popular with the creepy-guy-who-hang-around-parks.

The other ethnic grocery store we hit was ARZ at Lawrence and Pharmacy area. LOVE LOVE this place, and having a mother who cooked a lot of Lebanese food, this was like a homecoming. So many wonderful prepared foods, as well as some some old favourites. It was hard to see the back corner with all the honey sweetened desserts.. i loved them. *sigh* and I do really miss Turkish Delight. I endeavor to figure out a way to make it sugar free. I have had it in a chocolate bar from the UK in sugar free form (Love you Whittards) so I know it can be done.
Some of the best things I bought at ARZ were a fabulous lebanese coffee with cardamom (dont let them grind it for you), some of their pink pickled turnips, pre-cooked kebib, falafel (i ate it as a snack with a latte we had in their cafe), pre-made zucchini dip, spices, and their hummus was authentic without any of the citric acid bite you get from other pre-made hummus.

Which brings us to the pumpkin portion of this blog. As I was in TnT I saw this, and needed to investigate further. While there is NO sugar i

    n this, I found that it has some hydrogenated ingredients in it that are none to stellar. I thought I would give it a whirl, as per the intent of our adventure.

    Dets are as follows:
    Calories, 3, Carbs 6g, zero sugar, 1g protein.

    and this is what it looked like. Directions were to mix with 6 ounces of boiling water and to “enjoy”…lol
    I am suspect as it doesn’t really smell like anything, and it just sorta tastes earthy, like a squash does.. to an extent.

    SO YUCK… this tasted like coffeemate and some dirt, with a hint of squash. I had to throw a Swiss Miss on top of it, so I could finish it. Not sure why I felt the need to finish it. Asian pumpkin drink = FAIL




3 responses

26 01 2011
Tina G

Nice pic of Jude! Thanks for throwing yourself on the pumpkin grenade, Not sure I’d have been brave enough!

26 01 2011

it wasnt stellar..i had such high hopes…dashed

i will admit to looking at the powder and wondering if there was melamine in it and how would i know. LOL

27 01 2011

it was a very very good day. i wonder where the next installment of “kat and jude look at weird food” will take place! it is anyone’s guess!

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