Does Bacon Make Everything Better?

28 01 2011

Bacon, bacon, BACON ! It is the food that turns more vegetarians back to meat.. But has it run it’s course? Frankly bacon is slightly over played… We all know how we feel about Vanilla Ice and his one hit wonder ‘Ice, Ice baby’ now don’t we ?
I feel bacon may be suffering some image issues… Between PETA, and just it’s overuse in everything, gum, bandaids, chocolate covered bacon and on and on.

I use bacon in a lot of recipes as a base. There is something magical about it’s salty, slightly sweet and smoky taste that elevates a standard soup to a new level. Bacon for the sake of bacon has never been my motto. Having said that, I had a sheet of bacon in my fridge that i needed to work with. I baked up the whole lot thinking I would crumble some on our Meatza and make bacon, egg and cheese muffins. I still had bacon to spare so I broke my own rules and tried bacon brittle. After making bacon caramels for our wedding this past summer, I wanted to see if the brittle ‘would take’ the bacon and hence would be my WLS sub for caramels.
Success !!

Bacon Maple Syrup Brittle
Adapted from a brittle recipe by Carolyn’s website
1/2 cup of butter
1/2 cup of Erythritol
1/4 cup of sf maple syrup
1 cup chopped bacon, precooked

Crack out your Le Creuset and heat the butter until melted. Pop in your half cup of erythritol and maple syrup, attach the candy thermometer and start heating it up on medium heat, occasionally stirring it at first.

At the beginning stages, you can neglect the bubbling goo to chop your cooked bacon into smaller chunks and pre-PAM a pan.

Once the brittle gets past 200 degrees you need to stir often and keep an eye on it. The magic number is 305 to 310 degrees. Once achieved, take off the element, stand back and add 1 tsp of vanilla extract and be prepared for hissing and instant bubbling…like throwing an alka seltzer into water. Give it a stir and pour into prepared pan.

Sprinkle bacon throughout, and place into fridge to set up overnight.

Nuts on this is per piece… this made about 20 chunks.. Weird to note that 1 cup of bacon actually LOWERS the calories from peanuts..LOL

Calories is 61, 5.6g of fat, 4.85g of carbs, 2.4g of protein




4 responses

29 01 2011

i had to really take in the reigns with all that bacon brittle sitting in front of me. i ate a lot of it, but i could have polished off that entire container. SO GOOD.

29 01 2011

I think i like this brittle so much better with bacon and sugar free maple syrup! I really like it !
Sugar alcohols seem less finicky that real sugar !!

29 01 2011

oh my god

29 01 2011

Soon enough Lynn, soon enough.

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