Storm-ageddon & a Recipe for Lynn

1 02 2011

We are expecting a huge storm here in Toronto, hence all the buzz about stormageddon. I thought ‘what would be cozy to make’ and I also thought about my friend Lynn, who is very early out post surgery. I vaguely remember early out that I wasn’t interested in hot liquids, just cold, but now I can’t get enough hot liquids. It seems hot makes me feel warm, cozy and full. I also think it relaxes my digestive system, and I usually have a hot tea as my last “thing” every night as I watch TV. Lynn should almost be off the liquids, but this is for her. She reads my blog but until now, hasn’t been able to partake in any of the eating.

I was buying pre-made mocha-frappa-disco coffee (sugar free of course) and sometimes having them mid-morning at work OR supplementing them with some protein to make a morning protein disco coffee.
When I was unable to find the Nestle brand in the stores, I decided it couldn’t be that hard to replicate.

Sugar Free Disco Drink
Loosely adapted from ‘bucks & my drive to make things on my own

1/2 cup of non-dairy creamer (read coffeemate)
1/2 cup of no sugar added hot chocolate (Nestle has a brand, Swiss miss etc)
3 tbsp cocoa (the stuff you use for baking)
1/3 cup of instant espresso powder (LOVE this stuff.. a kick in the pants and it is good in baking)
1/4 cup of splenda (or the sweetener of you choice)
1/2 tea ground cinnamon

Round up your ingredients !

Mix out all the ingredients into an airtight container. It smells so great. This is a great time to experiment. Want to add PB2 instead of cocoa, go ahead ?! A cup of joe that tastes like a reese peanut butter cup would be a good time. You could also add smoky chipotle to make this a Mayan inspired treat.

Boil water, measure out 3/4 to 1 cup per 2 tbsp of disco drink.
Kelvin, supermodel cat, heard me squirt the whipping cream and came running. I swear that cat huffs the can when we aren’t home.

The cup above I used 3 tbsp of disco drink to 1.5 cups of hot water. It was perfect. I also know this is a huge cup. I think 2 tbsp per 3/4 to 1 cup of hot water. Play with the ratio to suit your changing tastebuds. I rather liked the sweet factor in mine, and was doubly glad when I saw the numbers. I will definitely stop buying this stuff in the stores and make my own. Hmm.. cardamom flavoured next ?

Nuts per 2 tbsp serving are 35 calories, 1.4g of fat, 0.67g of fiber, 5 g of carbs, 0.75g of protein. A bit carby when you do the percentage, but seriously no major damage when you have a 1 to 1.5 of a serving. This is the same amount of calories as the cream in my coffee in the morning.




2 responses

4 02 2011

Awww – so sweet!

My pouchola actually prefers hot to cold – but I’m not usually a coffee drinker and one more cup of tea is going to make me CRAZY!

I’m on my way to the grocery store now so I’m going to pick up some ingredients — I have never looked at what is in coffeemate, but always assumed it was sorta like the spray “cream” in a can. Totally going to check it out!

Hope you’re keeping warm in the “dessert” 😉


5 02 2011

Coffeemate is a non-food… but everything in moderation. You could totally make this with green matcha maybe… i am trying to think what a good tea sub would be for this recipe…

ANYONE have any ideas ??

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