Tucson Gem and Mineral Show – Day 1

5 02 2011

JUST awesome. I love coming to the desert in February, I love seeing all my colleagues as it is more like a family reunion every year, and I love ALL the beautiful things. I am in awe of all the wonderful crazy minerals and gems and the fabulous people who bring them here.

The day started off well with a Crema EPIC espresso and a pumpkin biscotti from home. I gotta take care of what is important !

I was excited to see my colleagues and good friend from the Natural History Museum, London.. we are a bit of a “Brat Pack” here in Tucson and we like to think of it as the “Commonwealth” sticking together. LOL
We have breakfast and head out to the highest end mineral show at the Westward Look Resort, a beautiful high end “dude” ranch in the Catalina foothills, down the way from Canyon Ranch.
It was chilly this morning, and people here just dont know how to deal. I found it lovely !

Minerals were awesome… loads more tanzanite on the market, fabulous Chinese mimetites, and Chinese Rhodochrosites, and a steal of a Legrandite (2 inches) from Mexico for a mere $4000 .. good price


Mikey and I in one of the rooms at Westward Look

Al before lunch

I heart you cactus !!

Bought some gems at the AGTA gem show

and headed to the GIA Alumni dance and auction with my good friends Terri and McKenzie




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