Peanut Week a la Natalie Dee

14 02 2011

Natalie Dee is my favourite online cartoonist and both Ken and I have a bunch of her T-shirts. Natalie Dee has ode to weeks.. like Shark Week or Snake Week or Spanish Week. Well in true Natalie Dee fashion, I am having peanut week. This whole week the recipes will be an ode to the mighty peanut.

thank you to Natalie Dee and her fabulous cartoons !

This is a simple in a “why-didnt-i-think-about-this-before” sort of way. Ken LOVES bananas and it was Valentine’s Day today so I whipped up, with some help from Jello, some sf banana pudding and put it in ramekin cups to chill.

After chilling, I nuked 2 tbsp of whipped peanut butter until it was saucy, and poured half a tbsp over fresh bananas for a fabulous banana-peanut butter dessert. Sorry the colours are off. Trust me this tasted delicious.

I didn’t want fresh bananas on mine and I don’t eat dinner AND dessert so I used some of the molten peanut butter, spread a thin layer on the top, and popped the ramekin back in the fridge to harden up. I call it peanut butter banana cream brulee !!

Nuts on this are sugar free banana pudding with 2% milk + 1/2 tbsp of whipped peanut butter = 125 calories, and 6 grams of protein 🙂

viva la peanut !!




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15 02 2011


15 02 2011

So simple but so yummy.

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