My Daily Grind

25 02 2011

I LOVE coffee ! I love that you can travel ANYWHERE and have a unique cup of coffee representing the tastes, culture and season of where you are.

When I was in Arizona, I hit 3 local coffee roasters.. this is in Patagonia, a little town of 900 about 20 minutes from Mexico, with my good friend McKenzie. We are sitting at a coffee shop called Gathering Grounds, drinking a mild afternoon blend, roasted nearby in Hereford, Arizona.

This past weekend Ken and I ventured into that dead zone between Little Asia (east) and Little India into a coffee place called ‘The Grinder”

We both sampled their espresso blend (they had their own roast) and it was quite delicious. I always believe that a latte can hide a multitude of sins, especially when you are using yummy higher fat milk, but the true test of a good espresso is an Americano. If it is bad, it becomes worse with the addition of some hot water.
Truly lovely americano at the Grinder, with an added bonus of them tracking how close the nearest streetcar is, so you can pop in and pop out as not to miss your streetcar.

This is a pic of Ken with the streetcar display screen behind him. People around us were ordering huge sandwiches, and they had some old school lemon loaf that looked like it would be fun.

This weekend we have a friend and colleague coming to stay with us. He is a coffee drinker so I am SURE we will partake in a coffee or 12 sometime this weekend.




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