A Week of Silence

4 03 2011

It’s hard to believe there has been a week of silence ! I feel in a slight shame spiral for not posting but we have had a house guest from UK staying with us which dampered my experiments in the kitchen. I could’t have served our guest an untested recipe. I was already serving him sugar free and low carb, which he was a good sport about.
We were pretty on-the-go the whole time he was here. We took Mike to skate at the waterfront.

To our friend’s restaurant, Dangerous Dan’s for some serious poutine and a triple decker grilled cheese with bacon called the “Kenny Cheese”, named after my wonderful husband Ken.

We talked a lot about minerals, and work, as he works at the Natural History Museum, London. As well, there was a lot of Oblivion talk with Ken. It seems they are both big fans of alchemy within the game *face palm*

Mike and Susan in the Mammalogy collection

We drank a lot of coffee, from all the Toronto indie roasters, and I think Mike liked Darkhorse the best, 49th Parallel coffee from a BC roaster. I made a bunch of different biscotti up before his arrival and nailed what I thought was going to be a diasterous glutton free biscotti. So there was a lot of biscotti eating, peanut butter jalapenos with bacon, and a lot of gaming-mineral talk. It was a great couple of days.

Mike in the dino gallery

Foodwise, I seem to have lost my way a bit, I am stressed at work and on the run a bit more, so my eating hasnt been stellar as of late. As well, a lot of eating out feels too overindulgent and I always worry about my daily bottom line. We are off to the market tomorrow morning, and have planned two weeks of very easy, casserole-low carb meals, so they can be made early and heated when I get home. I have a huge convention starting Sunday and March Break on the horizon, so having a plan is uber important.
Look for my new casserole recipes coming this week.




6 responses

4 03 2011

no shame!!! Dude, if you didn’t fall off the perfection wagon every once and awhile I’d start to wonder if you were human. Looks like you had a really fun week with friends and that is what we all need. Good luck with your next few crazy weeks 🙂

4 03 2011

Thanks Lynn. It is better to say it out loud, and then move past it. I am sorta excited about these casseroles coming. How are you doing ? Feeling good ?

5 03 2011

I will be looking forward to coming home and getting back on the wagon myself. I have taken leave of my senses over here.

5 03 2011

We’ll be crying on our spinning bikes together… I look forward to it. Miss you !

5 03 2011

Miss you too! Let’s do a cook-a-thon day once I’m back.

10 03 2011

Don’t be mocking Alchemy!!

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