Bring on the WEEKEND !

17 03 2011

I have a weekend of coffee, market, relaxing, making protein ice cream with coconut milk powder and yoga planned. March Break is INSANE and it also marks the end of my crazy busy time that starts from the beginning of the new year until now. I can look forward to a couple of weeks of catch up at work and then begin, once again, to feel on top of work, and my life.

Me and the thought of coconut ice cream !

I also had the MOST amazing experience at the gym last night. Hard to believe that I typed that sentence. I have felt slightly lament about my weight, and I am constantly push-push-push to be the “right” size, to not back slide, to have health. I guess all of that was swirling in my head and I finally realized I really dont have a good sense of where I need to go, because I dont know where I am. I know my weight, and my BMI, both can give you a sense of where you are, but not the clearest picture.

I was worried… worried that I was one of those people who LOOK healthy, but have like 35% fat and in 3 years will have gained all the weight back. I needed some assurances that isnt going to happen… in steps Greg, the personnal assessment coach.
90 minutes with him and I was a-okay.. and riding on a high.

Greg had me do fitness tests, like back in high school.. so many chin ups, so many push ups, how long can I hold a plank position etc. I think I don’t feel like I push myself ENOUGH at the gym… this eased that negative elevator music. I am in great shape, and scored at the top end of the physical strength tests as well as the heart rate test. I have low blood pressure, my standing heart rate is less than 70 beats per minutes, which is an indication of a healthy heart.

The BIGGEST thing was my percent body fat. I was hoping that I was going to be average, which is 25%. I got onto that scale, and heard Greg gasp, so I panicked for a moment. I have worked incredibly hard, I was willing the number be GOOD. It was VERY good, SO good that I am considered be in an “Athlete” status and was told “not to lose anymore weight because I would be cutting into essential fat for daily life.
WHAT !!!!!

I need to repeat that because in my entire LIFE, I have NEVER heard ANYONE tell me NOT to lose weight. Call Guinness ’cause this needs to go into the record books.

So my question is answered, I am where I am because this is where I am suppose to be. I need to accept a couple of pounds weight gain if I continue to do weight and strength training, which will only serve to drive the fat percent down, and the lean muscle up. I told Greg I could have hugged him. He said to me I am one of the most fit people he has had with this fit test, as he is usually delivering gloom and doom to people to motivate them.

Everyone say a little “amen” to Greg !



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17 03 2011

amen to museum girl. congratulations to you for all of your hard work and for all of the trips that you make in your voyage to be accountable, keep on track and most of all… true to your self. bravo!

and amen to greg too. because we love people who deliver good messages!

17 03 2011

Thanks Karen and Boni ! It was absolutely a good day. I think you never have absolutes in life
But this was a pretty good indicator that I am where I should be. It is a sign from the health gods !

17 03 2011

*BIGS HUGS*! and congrats!

I didnt want to spoiled it for you but i knew you would rock it!!!

Sheridon my trainer said the same thing best numbers he has seen on anyone that came through his doors and now to learn how to maintain!! isnt it awesome to hear!!

You dont need to lose weight anymore!!!!!all you need to to maintain and be healthy like you are doing~!?1?!? YA! what a milestone!! to reach!

Remember you Truly Rock! keep it up !!

18 03 2011

Best post ever!!!!! High 5 Twin!!!!! You truly are an inspiration Kat! 🙂

18 03 2011

Thanks Cat.. You are not far behind. It is just a matter of time before you are sporting a bootcamp Bootie !!

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