When did Food become EMO ?

24 03 2011

I am craving crunch… how and why do you crave a texture ? More and more I zone into temperature and texture in food. I tend to think it is an age thing, where as your taste buds decline as you get older, texture may become more important. Those baby-boomers are continually paving the way in the food industry for those of us, like me, to reap all the benefits.

I had no idea until I came across a rash of snack food with “Ultra BOLD flavour”.. even the cute, child friendly Goldfish went GOTH and added BOLD edgy flavours. I thought this marketing was to tweens and the skateboarding set, but little did I know it was for the aging taste buds of baby-boomers.

Extreme Food !

So I was craving texture, so I bought some crunchy protein cereal on the weekend and made a hybrid of the peanut butter marshmallow squares and mock rice krispie squares. They aren’t horribly low carb, nor low in fat, but they certainly are crunchy.

Hybrid Peanut Butter Crunch Snack Squares

100g of sf chocolate
1/2 cup of peanut butter
1 package of Nouba sf marshmallows
1 1/2 cups Protein Cereal (i used Better Balance French Vanilla)

Nuke the peanut butter and chocolate together, stirring every 45 seconds until it is completely melted. Pour in 1.5 cups of the protein cereal and stir, and then throw in the marshmallows, and stir to coat.

Press the gooey mess into a 9 x 3 loaf pan, pre-sprayed or you’ll never get it out. This stuff is GOO.

I didnt have high hopes for this, as it looked tres gooey , and i didnt think it would set. I didn’t much care, I would have eaten it with a spoon if it hadn’t.




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