I Survived Germ Warfare !

5 04 2011

I have been terribly ill, the cold from hell ! Lemon week got seriously interrupted ! I had preserved lemons planned and a lemon cornmeal biscotti recipe to post-make. I was so sick, the motivation to cook-bake was sucked out of me by the evil germs.

I did make them… evidence !! I just need to post the recipe !

I will endeavor to post the biscotti recipe this week, as well as a kick ass homemade BBQ sauce I used to make a pulled pork. Ken was licking the plate. ‘Tis the season to BBQ and eat coleslaw, both of which we had on one plate the other night. Look for both of these recipes soon !
Pulled pork-a-licious !!

I also tried to make cake pops with the lemon liar cake… i ran out of steam after it baked and just threw on some cream cheese icing because I was being lazy…lazy = goodness this time around because it rocked.

Ken bought me a new coffee press… it is a beautiful thing.. 12 cups of love and it is double walled, so all that lovely coffee stays hot forever !

It almost makes me weep because it is so beautiful !

I went out for a run tonight… i have had a couple of weeks out of the gym, because of meetings, and being sick. I needed to put my foot down and exercise before I watched Biggest Loser or I would have felt guilty. Not only did I do my best time for a 5K (and the minute I stopped running I hacked up half my lung) but I came home to this…. it is like Winnie had a cupcake binge !



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