A Meaty Day at the Sausage Maker

13 04 2011

I really wanted this to be our Christmas card this year…i think about sausage WAY too much !

Really… there is a place in Buffalo called the Sausage Maker. We went this past weekend to get supplies.. well, to get some nitrates for hot smoking of sausages. Fresh sausages don’t require preservatives because you are either cooking them or freezing them after making them.

So we were at the Sausage Maker at the crack of dawn, 9 am. We walk in to scope out the place.. they have EVERYTHING from food dehydrators, to rennet for cheese making.. this place is a goldmine !

Picture of Jude next to the wall – o -seasonings

Before we head in Jude and Cat need a “fresh air” break

The place is heavily weighted to the hunter, so their seems to be a lot of exotic type recipes to accomodate things like elk, and deer meat. The guy at the cash did comment that we were “not his usual clientele” as I was asking him what he thought about a chocolate pork-mole sausage. He thought it sounded pretty good.

The hunter inspired backwall graphic with huge smokers in the foreground. These people are SERIOUS about smoking meat.

Me scoping the Sausage Maker situation… it was a weird part of town. In fact, Cat said that it reminded her of locations where they would film people getting murdered, which wouldn’t be a bad thing given they had dehydrators and meat grinders inside. Fargo type situation. The location reminded me of Anchorman, when the warring news teams fought, and someone got stabbed with a trident.

After our purchases we trekked back to Niagara Falls Blvd. for some lunch at Chipolte. All that brain power thinking about meat and sausages had us hungry for shredded chicken and pork.




2 responses

13 04 2011

What a fun fun day! LOL My face in the “fresh air” pic says mafia look all over it!

25 04 2011
investment company

That place looks amazing! šŸ™‚

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