Snacks, Snacks,… oh Protein Snacks !

17 04 2011

People ask me all the time what I eat. I think they think I walk around eating protein bars, sucking on ice, squirting lemon in my water and saying “that piece of celery has made me full”.


No one is perfect but everyone can set themselves up for success. My nutritionist has always stressed that protein at every meal-snack is key and if you are able to do that within 5 meals, then your 6th meal can be junkie within reason (read no sugar).

At any given time I have a couple of homemade protein snacks on the go. Our fridge has protein jello , some sort of custard like the espresso custard, biscotti (this weekend low carb spicy ones)and some sort or protein ball.

This week all my posts will be SNACKS !! Let the snack-a-thon commence !

This is an oldie but a goodie, roasted chick peas. This is one of the cheapest low cal, protein-fiber rich snacks EVER. Anyone can make this snack, even the most non-skilled in the kitchen.

Roasted Ranch Chickpeas

recipe courtesy of Jude

* 28 oz can of Chickpeas, drained
* 1 tbsp Canola Oil
* 1 oz Seasoning package of Hidden Valley Ranch

Preheat oven to 400 degrees and prep a baking sheet with parchment/silpat mat.
Grab a ziploc bag, drain chickpeas and pop them into the ziploc. Add the oil and squish it around the chickpeas, and then coat the chickpeas with the package of ranch-or seasoning of choice.

Squish the seasoning around and pour it all on the baking sheet making sure that everything is spread out evenly.

Pop into the oven setting the timer every 15 minutes for an hour (or so), and pull out the pan and squish the chickpeas around. This is important as the ones near the edges brown faster. Once they brown to your liking, pull and let them air dry overnight before measuring them into 1/4 cup snack sizes.

deliciously snacky !!

While these aren’t the highest protein snack I have ever made, they are WAY better than popcorn, pretzel or any other hugely carby salty savoury snack food (I am casting an evil eye to chips).

Serving size is 1/4 cup to 1/3 cup (nuts quoted for 1/4 cup) They are low enough that you can double this serving to 1/2 cup on those extra munchie days and still not get flack from your nutritionist for having a snack larger than 200 calories.
Calories 72
Total Fat 2.37g
Total Carbohydrate 8.05g (Net Carbs 6.41 g)
Dietary Fiber 1.66g
Protein 2.6g

Our other salty savoury snack favourite is Happy Hebert’s baked sesame snacks. Again, not the highest protein counts but for something that could be potentially carby, not too bad at all.
We buy them at Low Carb Grocer, for $5 a bag. I measure them out, and you get a nice sized snack bag full per serving.




7 responses

17 04 2011

Yay! Keep those snack recipes coming. I could really use some protein-rich ideas.

17 04 2011

i love this recipe… crunchy goodness when you want a salty movie snack. You can opt for other seasonings like garam masala, tandoori, garlic and any sort of pre-made rub is also a good time. I have never tried a sweet spice, like pumpkin pie spices but would be good with a bit of sweetener.
enjoy these…

17 04 2011

Cracking out the old school snacks…. look for more this week. You know some of my protein go to’s so this may not be an exciting week for you, Cat. I DID make an incredible protein ball today.. a page from that whole raw-flintstone-caveman diet, so it is a blend of nuts with some goop and instant espresso. I like to think Fred Flintstone was so excitable because he used instant espresso powder. Look for it this week.

17 04 2011

Love love chick peas so I’m gonna do this for shizz!

Happy Herbs are addictive for ne cause I can’t have just one serving – too good.

18 04 2011

mmmmm – must try with the ranch. I have some Salt and Vinegar ones on my desk I made a week ago and they are yumm mo. Inspired from here:

25 04 2011
investment company

They are so very salty.

14 05 2013
Joan Piscopo

Fantastic!! Looking forward to your posts.

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