A Bit of Work Stuff…

29 04 2011

I have been looking at some of things I have done in the past and you forget about stuff. I have an overflowing file of newspaper clippings, and TV junk, but I always really liked this podcast, so I am using my blog as a place holder for it.

My father complains that we will be the first generation that doesnt own a hard copy photo album, and he is right. I guess this is why I feel the need to archive these things somewhere “safe”, whatever that means in the digital age.

Sapphires anyone ?

And if you are interested in going into the geosciences… heh
Interested in becoming a geologist ??




3 responses

2 05 2011

OMG – it’s you but it’s not you anymore! 🙂

2 05 2011

it’s weird to watch, isn’t it ??

3 05 2011

Even in your voice, you sound heavier. You know what I mean. It’s weird but wonderful. 🙂

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