Coffee with Good Friends

23 05 2011

I am home in Windsor this weekend as I have to run to visit my surgeon in the US. I met with some of my dearest friends whilst in Windsor and while there is always mixed feelings coming back to where you grew up, I am always reminded that this place holds loads of good memories and some of my oldest and dearest friends.

These are the friends who “knew you when”.. in all the embarrassing splendor of growing up to be the person you are today. It is like putting on the softest pair of pj pants, you slip into a comforting groove with them that has evolved over 25 years.
25 YEARS !


We all look fabulous but thank god one of the “gang” works with a pharma company that produces all those anti-aging injectables.. we’ll look as fabulous in anther 25 years with the help of the miracles of modern science. HOOK us up Rick ! I can’t believe we have a 25 years reunion coming up.. we had better start planning something big now !!




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24 05 2011
bob kane

I am suddenly awake at 1:30am on what will be Tuesday morning and having just checked facebook I see that I have missed a mini reunion. Too bad for me.
KD, love your words above. You are such a great and lovely (and yes, an oddly young looking) collective of incredible women. It begs the argument of nature vs. nurture. ACS did something right, and it certainly wasn’t the boys!
I do hope to see you soon enough on the streets of this fair city we get to call ‘home’ today.
Our Lady of Assumption…pray for us!

P.S. Please remove that picture of us….I think I ate Billy Vallincourt.

27 05 2011

You ate Billy V. ?? LOL !! I had Lia Curti for lunch !

26 05 2011
Michele Daignault

Hey Bella Bella,
Finally having a chance to connect (last night was way too busy with American Idol Finale – see I told you, I am a junkie). Scotty McHottie – love it!
OK – if I had the opportunity to hang with my buds every night I could easily kick the TV vice :).
It was great seeing you on Monday! Always love exchanging our passions!
I love this blog – will keep tuned into your antics.
Sending Love m xo

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