Work is ONTO me…

27 05 2011

So I am saddling up close to my 200th post and I get an email from a colleague at work to say “hey-i-just-found-your-blog”… LOL

BUSTED ! A pic of me and my colleague, Alan, from the Natural History Museum, London. We are at a Gold Rush party !

I started this blog as a request from Erin Armstrong, who was once working in the ROM Governors office (now on my FB and a fellow knitter.. GO KNITTING) as she thought I was hip and cool and could detail what my day to day at the museum was like. She caught me at a time when my whole stress level about work was super high… two galleries, and the Diamond exhibition. I started the account and stalled for SO long.. it loomed over my head.

Fast track to a year ago.. apparently I had a lot to say about all my crazy cooking because I took the blog by the horns and started typing. I am now on a “Social Media’ task force at the museum, and am brimming with ideas on things we could “roll out” here at the museum !!

The spark is back.. Thank GOD… I though the bloom was off the rose.

I only need to look at some pictures of the extraordinary specimens and I realize how incredible this field is…
this is me holding a matched pair of trapiche emeralds..




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