Ode to Eggface… Mini Donuts

30 05 2011

Have you read Eggface’s blog ? She is blogtastic and such a great resource !! She introduced me to the concept of having cake post WLS !! Talk about having your cake and eating it to !!

Courtesy of Natalie Dee, the love story of donut and his hole..lol

So a couple of weekends ago we were invited to a “unusual” food party, where you had to bring 10 x an object for distribution to the other guests. I had decided on bacon cheddar biscotti and a la Bakerella, sf cake balls. The SF cake balls I made from Pilsbury sf cake mix and sf vanilla frosting. What I hadnt planned on was the diaster of Cake balls.. I used a WHOLE can of sf frosting and so they were this awful gooey mess. I PANICKED because I was doing this all the day of. So I shoved the cake balls into the fridge to “firm up” and needed a back up plan.

OUT comes of the donut pan and the tried and true Eggface donut recipe.. with a twist. I wanted these donuts to be “spring” like and fruity. They looked odd, and weirdly bright coloured but the flavour was so fruity, it was like eating a giant Fruit Loop.

Essentially her base recipe is HERE
and my adaptations are:
1) to omit the cocoa and sub in 3 sticks of sf drink sticks into the batter to make it fruity
2) omit the pancake mix and sub in the same amount of low carb baking mix
3) omit chocolate whey powder and use vanilla whey powder!!
4) because I made blueberry flavoured ones, I added a 1/4 cup of dried blueberries into the mix.

The mix is an un-Godly colour from the drink sticks.

Baked and ready for icing. Ken didnt seem to care much about the icing and popped a couple into his mouth.

Iced and ready for consumption. I used a sugar free white chocolate that I got online at Diabetic Friendly.com. Here is the completed box..so the cake pops DID turn out, with a heavy hand of instant espresso added to the chocolate to make it set, and the Pops became “Truffles” because they were too gooey to stay on the stick. People were slated for two each, but half of them got mangled so I stuck with one, and threw in some cinnamon coated almonds to fill the gap. Overall it all came together.

My batch usually yields 26 donuts, a baker’s dozen times two !
Nuts on these are as follows based on consumption of two donuts:
167 calories, 9 g carbs, 9 g fat, 13 g of protein, and 2 g of fibre. So NET carbs are super low at 7 grams !! Ken LOVES these things and pops them into his mouth !

Next UP.. I went back to CONQUER the cake ball, and have made a homemade protein cake ball that is only 50 calories !! Look for this recipe coming up this week !!




3 responses

30 05 2011

OH Hello!

30 05 2011

welcome donut-y friends !

1 06 2011

Uhmm can’t wait for the lemon cake ball recipe!!!! Seriously one of THE best SF things I’ve ever had. Amazing. Amazing. Amazing.

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