Meat Week – Parma Wrapped Cod

9 06 2011

You must think all I eat are cake balls and other desserts. I was looking back at my last couple of posts and realize I have been deliquent with actually posting the real food I have been eating. I have four entrees coming up in the next few days so hold onto your hats, it is all Meat ALL THE TIME, for the next little while.

As you all know we are market shoppers.. fresh and portions are the main reasons we go. I dont want to buy a pre-determined amount of pork chops, and if I want chicken in 6 ounce packages, they will butcher them up for me, and vaccum seal them. I am particular about meat. Some would say a meat hoarder. As well every time we head to the market we buy fish, which we usually eat on Monday (as Monday night is garbage night and fish paper sitting in a garbage can for a week can be unpleasant). The market also has the best 2 year old Parma prosciutto, sliced incredibly thin so it melts in your mouth. Prosciutto and white fish seem like the perfect combination, and incredibly healthy to boot.

This is a lovely dinner if you had people coming over who liked fish. The mustard and fresh tarragon really made this dish and it was super easy, done in just 20 minutes.

Prosciutto Wrapped Cod

1 lb of fresh white fish, cod or halibut works well
1 tbsp Dijon mustard
1 tbsp of fresh tarragon leaves (so key)
4 slices of prosciutto
olive oil for sprinkling into baking pan, and over fish

Turn oven to broil setting and heat it up. Sprinkle olive oil on a papertowel and rub the bottom of your baking dish with EVOO, or make it super easy and line the pan with tinfoil.
Cut fish into 4 ounce chunks and pat dry. Slather each side of the filet with dijon mustard.

Slide the prosciutto under each fliet, sprinkle some tarragon and wrap it up. Place the seam side of the prosciutto down in the baking dish.

Pop under the broiler for 3 – 4 minutes per side, testing the fish to see if it flakes. If it flakes, it is done.

We served ours with fresh thin aspargus with some bacon salt (courtesy of Jude).
It was delicious.

I have this recipe serving 5 WLS portions, coming in at just over 3 ounces each. It was very filling, so delicious and so GOOD on nuts ! TOTAL DO-OVER !
Calories 127
0 g of carbs
3g of fat
24g of protein
0 g fiber and 0g of sugar




3 responses

9 06 2011

One word. . .at least I think its a word. . .YUM!

16 07 2011
Deborah Bailey

hey do you think salmon would work with this recipe…thnx

16 07 2011

Oh Deborah, i think it would be delicious with salmon filets.. Maybe a little. Sugar free maple syrup
Mixed with the lean prosc

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