Primal Coconut Cherry Chocolates

30 06 2011

So I have been dabbling with primal food stuff, and for some reason am slightly fixated on round foods. I am so crazy! A couple of weeks ago I went to Kensington market and bought a silicon chocolate mold. I was excited to give is a test run but wanted to make something with ingredients I had on hand. Chocolate making can be a hassle, moreso given the lack of sugar I am unable to consume.
Enter this recipe from one of the primal websites. The Primal people use no sugar but sometimes agave (which is no-go for me). I sorta made this recipe up from a hybrid of two cherry chocolate recipes.

Apparently there is a candy bar in Australia that people adore called Cherry Ripe. I call this recipe Cherry Rip-off.. heh !

Cherry Rip-Off Chocolates

100 % chocolate (can be bakers chocolate OR Ghiradelli makes one)
2 cups of unsweetened coconut, shredded – give or take (add a cup and gauge from there)
1 cup of unsweetened cherry jam (i used my homemade stuff) OR just some fresh chopped-de-pitted cherries would do !
1/2 package of creamed coconut (Grace makes it) OR 1/2 can coconut milk
1/2 cup of dried cherries, chopped up

SO.. grab the chocolate mold.. and if you dont have one, dont fret because I found it was a pain, so I just switched to rolling the coconut mixture into balls, refrigerating them, and then dunking them into chocolate…but more on that later.

Ideally, if you are using a mold, break up the chocolate bars and microwave for 60 seconds in a bowl, mixing until completely melted. Drizzle the bottom of each mold with a bit of chocolate, and pop the mold in the fridge to harden as you mix up the coconut cherry.

In a bowl, mix 1 cup of shredded coconut, the whole jar of jam (or fresh cherries), and the dried cherries and mix. Ideally you want your mixture to stay together if you were to swish it together, almost like a macaroon consistency, so if it is too loose, then keep adding more coconut and stirring.

Grab your chocolate mold, and squish bits of coconut mixture into the mold, leaving a bit of room around the sides and top for more chocolate. I started to do this and realized I have ALOT of mixture and very little of it is used in the mold, so I started to hand roll.
I refrigerated the whole lot for 20 minutes, re-heated some of my chocolate and poured it over the cherry business. I rolled the cherry balls into the chocolate and refrigerated the whole lot for 30 minutes.

Here is the result of the molded chocolates.. more of a layered look to them but darn good. I will get better at making them look pretty.




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8 09 2011
Shelley Millen

Hey Kat, I revamped this a little and used sugar free strawberry jam and cut up a cup of fresh strawberries and added a cup of chopped almonds and I used the coconut milk. With the strawberries it reminds me of those Vachon strawberry jelly logs. Sooo good. Thank you so much for the recipe and the inspiration!!!

8 09 2011

did you roll them in melted chocolate?? They sound good!!

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