Cottages & GERMEXICAN !!

4 07 2011

Germexican ?
So Chexican is all the rage, a combo of Chinese and Mexician cuisines. This weekend was Canada Day and we were at my friend’s cottage celebrating with sun, sand, a floating raft that held 6 people and FOOD.

Urban Dictionary says :
A person who is of german/mexican descent
yo dude,did you know jose is germexican

We were all responsible for one dinner, and I had a Kohlrabi that I wanted to use. Kohlrabi has a mild radish taste and it is a German turnip. I decided to meld German and Mexican and made marinaded chicken fajitas with grated kohlrabi-guac-salsa verde topping. It isn’t uncommon for Hispanic food to have grated radish as a topper… and i love the look of them.

Mexican Chicken Marinade

1 ziplock bag
2 lbs of chicken breasts (whole)
1/4 cup of lime juice
4 tbsp olive oil
2 cloves of the garlic, minced
1 rounded teaspoon of cumin
juice of one orange
a large pinch of chipolte flakes or one chopped jalapeno
1/4 cup of chopped cilantro

Combine all of the ingredients, plop in the chicken boobs and marinate for 24 hours in the fridge. Swish it around every time you head into the fridge to grab a drink. Fast forward to the next day. Heat grill and cook until you get an internal temperature of 170 degrees. Tent for 10 minutes and carve on a bias.

Nuts on this is negligible, count it as chicken, white meat, no skin.
Sorry I don’t have a delicious picture of our delicious meal… it was consumed with fervour.
I DO have a picture of the floating island.. it’s called “Capri Island” but I think with the right marketing we could run a floating casino on it with cheap well drinks.




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