Black Bean Cakeball Madness – Part 2

6 07 2011

So my friend Cat made this recipe last night and asked me about the 15 oz can of black beans, and I realized I never really checked my can. When I did the math, I realized that the 540 ml can was closer to 19oz than 15oz, which is probably why this cake was incredibly MOIST. I think it was a good mistake, and would probably use this can size from now on.

courtesy of Natalie Dee..

As I said on my previous post, it was pretty moist (and now I know why), so I threw in the chunks of the cake in my mixer, added 1/4 cup of icing, and whirled it to make cake balls for the cottage. You could use low fat cream cheese, OR whipped peanut butter. Do you see what just happened there ?? GENIUS ! I am going to try that next time.

Instructions for Operation Chocolate Cake Balls

*snubs her nose at Pilsbury and their overpriced boxed cakes*

I rolled them into 30 balls (there would have been 36 if Ken hadn’t had a test sample the night before to check for poison) and popped them into the fridge to firm up, about 30 minutes.

I grabbed two bars of really really GOOD dark chocolate. I don’t want to come off a chocolate snob, but Hershey’s SF chocolate is awful. I cracked them into pieces, and nuked them for a minute stirring them on occasion until they were melted.

My fatal mistake, and one I hope you won’t repeat, is to add a bit of Torani syrup to the chocolate for flavouring. DON’T DO IT.. the crap chocolate will take syrup, the good chocolate will seize up instantly making fudge. I tried a bit of heavy cream and a re-warming in the microwave to get a thinner fudge. I rolled half of the cake balls in this crazy fudge concoction, the other half were naked because the chocolate was so thick !!

This is a cake ball only a mother could love… and well, they were a HUGE hit at the cottage. SUPER fudgy, super delicious and GONE in one day.

Ken ate the turd looking one and said it was SO delicious and didnt care what they looked like. This is why I married this man !

Nuts are for two cakeballs per serving, with 18 servings per batch, assuming ALL of them covered in chocolate.
146 calories, 12 g of carbs (8 g net), 6 g protein, 4 g fibre




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