Birthdays and Stuffed Steak Roulade

11 07 2011

So who doesn’t love a good piece of red meat ? What could be better than stuffing red meat with stuff and cooking it ?? Not bloody much !!

This is one of these recipes that looks incredibly fancy, but it dead easy, and would be fabulous when you had guests for dinner. The stuffing is entirely up to you… so you could completely make this primal but omitting any cheese, and adding some grilled artichokes or red peppers. The steak is you canvas and trust me, you can’t really screw this up !

I made this last night and it was ready to go for tonight as it is Ken’s birthday. Ken isnt much of a birthday guy, but he does enjoy a good meal.

Flank Steak Roulade

1 lb of flank steak
stuffing (which can be anything you have going)
1/2 of a chopped chorizo
6 fresh basil leaves
2 slices of ham
2 ounces of feta
1 ounce of beemster cheddar
(i was going to drizzle some pesto into it but my pesto went off)
you could stuff it with grilled onions and mushrooms, green chilies etc !! Exciting to think about the possibilities, isn’t it ??
fresh pepper and seasalt
butcher twine
kitchen scissors
freezer ziploc bag

Flank steak can be a bit chewy, but once we are finished with it, it will be yielding and delicious !
So unwrap and let the meat come up to room temperature.

So place the freezer bag over the flank steak and get your trusty rock hammer. You want the steak to be thin, like less than 0.5 cm all the way around. Flank steak has a thicker end and a thinner end. You ideally want to make it all the same thickness. Whacking the steak with a hammer tenderizes the steak and makes it easy to roll, and melt in your mouth good.

Stuffing time !! Note the layer of fresh basil leaves, chopped chorizo, cheese and ham.


Tricky part. Cut a piece of butcher twine, and roll the steak up, tying the meat up so it doesn’t unfurl when cooking. I also folded the ends up as well, and tied them up so the cheese wouldnt ooze out whilst cooking.

Salt and pepper the outside. At this point i wrapped it and threw it into the fridge for the next night. The brilliant part of this whole dinner is the make ahead-ness. When I got home tonight Ken has pulled the steak log out and heated some oil in a fry pan and browned the outside of the steak roll.
Oven was pre-heating at 350 degrees. The browning takes about 10 minutes and you slip it into the oven for 20 -30 minutes until the internal temperature is 145 degrees.
Pull out and tent for 5 minutes. Resting the meat is KEY.
Tada ! Look how pretty it is !!

Come to mama !! Serve this will a reduction sauce, and a lovely side with some salad and you will be a superstar !! I served ours with a carrot coleslaw.

One pound of steak is 16 oz and I cut this steak into 3 ish oz servings. I didn’t really crunch the numbers especially if you stuff this with roasted veggies.




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