Welcome to Hell.. I mean Toronto in July

21 07 2011

We are having a heatwave in Toronto right now, with the weather network saying it is :

FEELS LIKE 48 !! To all my American friends, that is a balmy 118.4 Fahrenheit.. right.

So the word of the day is HYDRATE and am re-posting this fabulous Plantation Iced Tea. Those southern folk know a thing or two about surviving the heat. The nice thing about this drink is that there is NO sugar, which tends to make you more thirsty. Just a word to the wise when a COKE starts to tempt you in this heat.

Keep cool everyone ! (cartoon courtesy of Natalie Dee)

Plantation Iced Tea

4 orange pekoe tea bags
4 cups of boiling water
1/2 cup of lemon juice
1 cup of Splenda granular

4 cups of cool water
1 teaspoon of vanilla extract (I use the double strength bourbon vanilla extract … SO WORTH IT)
1 teaspoon of almond extract

Get out a nice sized stainless steel or glass bowl (no plastic please !). Add tea bags and pour 4 cups of boiling water over tea bags. Add sweetener and lemon juice and set a timer for 10 minutes.

After steeping, remove tea bags, and I shudder to say this but… SQUEEZE the tea bags (which is an incredible no-no any other time, sorry Alton Brown !). Add your almond and vanilla extract and the four extra cups of cool water. Pour it all into a juice container and let it sit on the counter for an hour to cool. I think this last instruction is more for when you use “the sugar” as they are worried about sugar coming out of the solution as you cool it (super saturated solutions a la chemistry grade 11)

HEED my words of warning. I have tried to DISCO this recipe up, used fresh mint, different extracts, each time a complete FAIL. My suggestion is try the recipe AS IS, no subs for the first go around. I hate to think that you all will make this, sub in something, and hate it.

Nuts on this are as minimal as crystal light, so I dont bother even tracking this.. lemon juice, and the 2 extracts are the only thing that have any calories in them, spread out over 2 quarts isnt enough to bat an eye at.




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