Cats: A Tale of Good Karma

1 08 2011

Ken and I always say the ultimate next life would be to come back as a cat in our house. Other than the occasional pesky “MOM” jamming a toothbrush in our mouths on occasion, it is a pretty sweet life here for a cat.

They have their own cat fountain that dispenses trickling tasty water, premium cat food to prevent illness and kidney stones, fresh cat grass to help with pesky hairballs and two humans that scoop their poop and give them unlimited pets. An ideal existence.

A couple of friends and I talked about writing a book.. hell if “LOL Cat” can have a book, then “Hiding Cats” could also corner the bathroom book market.
Where is the Winnie fat cat ??

Designer Hiding Cat

Princess and the Pea cat under Feather Bed

Underground Lair aka the Credenza

We had a bit of a scare last night as Kelvin (tabby cat) ate some ornamental grass from the balconey planter and then started bleeding from this nose. Turns out the grass got stuck and he flossed his sinuses as the blades of grass came out his nose. Emerg vet said it was the first time he ever saw anything like it. Getting home late last night after this ordeal had me dreaming of “what if” with our two little felines. They are both 15 yrs old and wont live forever. Sad to think they wont be around forever and it makes me wonder if this is cat nirvana, in their next lives, what plum assignment are they going to get ?? Does a Canyon Ranch spa for kitties exist ?



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