Caffeine Found Me a Husband

2 08 2011

Ken and I both love coffee. As we hit our one year wedding anniversary and our 9 year mark together as a couple, the love of coffee is as strong as it was when we met.
We met on the internet and while I tried to search around to find my profile I do remember the heading:

“Caffeine Based Woman looking for Caffeine Based Male”

I owe my relationship to caffeine, this lovely molecule found me a perfect match. While nine years seems like a long time, for me it seems like it flew by. If you ask Ken, he’ll tell you that the finger his wedding ring is on burns every day…LOL

As a couple we have a shared addiction to junk shops and coffee houses. We have a local roaster at the market who supplies us with freshly roasted coffees and we live a stones throw away from 7 really awesome coffee shops.
Yesterday, after hitting up the market, we went for a coffee at one of our secret coffee places. This place has a granola, hip, grassroots feel to it, and the premise is to educate people on coffee and to roast it at home. They are all about fresh and wont serve you a roast more than five days old. Needless to say the coffee is fabulous.

The place is called Merchant of Green Coffee


So this has been our lives for the last nine years… seeking out coffeeshops, getting excited to try their coffee, and just general hanging out. It is a pretty good life and I feel pretty lucky.




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