Operation Primal Commences & Primal Brownies

31 12 2011

So I have been getting ready for this for two weeks, cleaning out the fridge of things we won’t be using, stocking up on almond milk and coconut milk. I am ready.

I have done a few primal based desserts, cherry ripe bars, chocolate avocado pudding pops, post-workout creamscicles, and peach pepita cookies. I have also gone back and re-tagged older recipes that could be primal or added adjustments to make them primal. I have 38 primal recipes on this blog..I am tickled by this given that I have been about 60% primal since my WLS. A testament to my success and to the lack of weight fluctuations that have plagued others.

I post this recipe for my friend Jess, who has been an inspiration for my primal 30 day test. She and I have bounced food ideas off each other for the last two years and here allergies (dairy, whey) coupled with the lack of grains, has pushed me to think carefully about some of my recipes and to think in a more paleo way. Thanks Jess!!

Paleo-rific Mayan Brownies

adapted from Health-Bent

1 c almond butter
1/2 c canned coconut milk
2 eggs
2 t vanilla extract
10 drops of vanilla stevia extract

1/3 c Valrhona cocoa powder
1/4 c coconut sap sugar
1 tsp cinnamon
1 tsp ground chipotle

1/3 c 100% cocoa content valrhona chips
1/3 c pepitas or any nut you have going

Preheat oven to 350 degrees and use some fat (butter) to prep pan to be non-stick. Assemble all the ingredients

In a large bowl mix the almond butter, eggs, stevia, and coconut milk until combined. n a smaller bowl mix all the dry ingredients, sugar, cocoa, and spices.

Mix the dry into the wet, add the nuts and the chocolate chips, give it a stir, and plop it into 8 x 8 pan.

Pop into a pre-warmed oven for 18 minutes. Cool and serve. These are dense and rich. They certainly feed the need to eat baked goods. I had one this morning with my protein coffee. Breakfast of champions. I cut up the pan into 20 dense delicious servings.

Bring on the challenge. I am up for it. I will logging my meals, new recipes and work outs for the next 30 days. Two things I will not be doing is getting on the scale for 30 days (eek) and I wont be counting calories. I want to really listen to my body and see where I am in 30 days. This is an exercise in trusting my instincts and listening to what my body needs as opposed to knowing I can still eat 200 hundred more calories for the day. I have been pretty okay with “holiday weight” and am within 2 lbs of my everyday weight.

Wishing everyone a 2012 filled with success, health and a centred mind.
Much love




3 responses

3 01 2012

Kat! You are my inspiration to get back into it. My last 2-3 weeks have been filled with shortbread and cheese and crackers. My brother and roomate are disgusted with my coughing…etc so I’ve purged my kitchen. Anything sugary goes on a shelf I can’t reach but my brother can access. Grains I seem to have less trouble with. I have my freezer stocked with soups, and rosemary meatballs w grassfed beef are in the oven. I’ve been so intimidated by having to restart, but reading your latest post about your almost immesdiate change in energy levels at wakeup time reminded me that its so worth it.

Sorry for the lengthy response, but thanks for posting. I can’t wait to be passed the first 3 weeks. How easily/naturally intermittent fasting worked its way into my lifestyle was a huge piece for me as well. Listening to my body was so hard to do at first-but makes sense! Can’t wait to read more! Xoxo


3 01 2012
kat 2

Omg Jess..so excited for you. You can’t believe the recipes I had lined up. I am pretty excited as well. Ken got me the So Delicious creamer for my coffee which isn’t too bad, and I have had 2 coffees outside with half anf half..my little cheat. Made some peach pepita cookies tonight and if I am hungry will have one with tea.
The recipes that rock are from a site called Heath-Bent. Fabulous.. She has a hotdog_deconstructed hoogie thing that Ken wants to make, and she also has a chicken pot pie recipe because we have been talking about it. I am going to try it this weekend and let you know!!
Congratulations and hopefully you dry up as fast as I did.. How insane is that?? It felt like junk that had been sitting in my sinuses for weeks just vacated.

3 01 2012

sounds great! jamie’s latest “food revolution” book I got is fairly beginner, but he does a few different stews and then turns them into various pies with different “lids”. I think I would love to tweak a beef stew into some sort of pie w a roasted or mashed cauli flower top?

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