Lime Bacon Wrapped Fries: A Hardship of Primal Life

2 01 2012

It is a considerable hardship when you are consuming these as the ball drops and 2012 rolls in. I had a happy new year as I celebrated it with close friends but because I was eating these.

I woke up from New Year’s thinking about these delicious treats. INSANELY delicious, regardless if you are following low carb, primal whatever.. as long as you eat meat, you NEED to make these.

Lime Bacon Wrapped Sweet Potato Fries with Lime Chipotle Dip

2 large sweet potatoes
1 pound of bacon, not thick cut (thin is better for wrapping)
1 lime

Juice from 1 lime
1/2 cup of avocado based mayo
1 chipolte in abode sauce

Cut the sweet potato in thick match sticks… the idea is that you want a uniform thickness so the sweet potatoes will all cook evenly. Once cut throw them in a big bowl of water and let them sit for 6 hours. This releases a lot of the starches from the potato. You’ll be shocked at how cloudy the water is (starch-o-rama)

Post 6 hours, dry off our little matchstick friends and grab the bacon. You want to cut the bacon down the centre of the pound (effectively cutting the long strips in half) and then taking each strip, cutting them lengthwise, so a wide slice of half bacon becomes thinner. This is important as when you wrap the bacon around the sweet potato, you dont want bacon overlap, as then the bacon wont crisp up.

Roll them up making sure the bacon doesnt overlap and pop them into the fridge until guests arrive OR pop them into a 425 degree oven for 25 minutes on a parchment baking tray with sides. There will be grease run off so a flat baking sheet in your oven will be a mess!!

While the fries are baking, grab the lime, mayo and chipolte and mix up the dip and set aside. After 25 minutes, take out fries, turn each of them and pop them back in for 10 more minutes. You want the bacon to crisp up evenly.

Once out of the oven, squeeze the juice of one lime over the hot fries. This acidic hit seems to cut the starch and fat and blends beautifully in your mouth. Blot the fries before putting them on a serving tray and stand back because warm or cold, this puppies will be devoured!




5 responses

2 01 2012

oh my, these sound really good!

3 01 2012

They so are Sandy!!

2 01 2012

Im sooo gonna make these for Graham. He loves sweet potato fries.

3 01 2012

They have great flavour… Not as crispy as deep fryer fries but the bacon makes up for it!

5 01 2012

I am not going to lie to you all… I came back to this post to look at these fries again.. OMG they were so good

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