Primal Check in: Ah Crap… Allergies Gone

3 01 2012

I was half hoping that the wheat-a-polooza at the end of 2011 from daily cracker consumption and the return of my killer allergies around the holidays was just dumb luck.
The last 2.5 years post WLS I have had zero allergies, other than an occasional itchy eye-nose event around tree season. When I was further out post-surgery and realized I didnt have to take a Reactine every day, I was pretty darn happy.

Fast forward 6 weeks before Xmas this year my head started to get stuffy, and my palate was super itchy back like it was pre-surgery. The only thing that I changed from pre to post surgery was my diet, specifically no carbs, no grains and no sugar.
Literally 36 hours after starting grain free and dairy free (I caved on cream in my coffee… at least it is organic cream) I was instantly awaken by the need to blow my nose at 2:30am. I get up, grab a Kleenex and blow. You know those blow-your-nose episodes where everything that is nesting next to your brain stem feels like it is coming out via your nose? Where all the inner ear fluid, clicking and fog just goes away? It was one of those moments. I instantly muttered “Son of a Bxxxx” knowing this is gonna curb my biscotti making come the end of 30 days.

Day three of primal and that is my biggest revelation to date. I find the diet pretty easy, very satisfying, so much so that when you eat and you aren’t hungry, you get a nauseous feeling. I think it is the fat in the diet. I will admit to being anxious that I am going to gain weight, but I am trusting in that my body will let me know when enough is enough.
I have had some low key work outs in the new year, two hours of walking yesterday, but today was the real test to see if anything feels differently in the gym when I hit a Body Pump class. No real difference. I think it is odd that I woke up before my 6am alarm clock this morning, and was spry and jumped out of bed. I am not sure what that was all about… time will tell.




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