6 01 2012

There are not many places on the internet that I go to and am in awe. is one, because I love her wit, her cartoons, and own way too many of her T-shirts.

So new on my list of “Go-to” blogs because of the sheer awesomeness is It is pretty obvious why I think this blogger is fabulous.. she is primal, she is off sugar and gives us a host of reasons why (many are my mantras because misery loves company), she is a list maker (huge one for me), she uses the f-word for appropriate emphasis, she wrote an e-book and she rants. I LOVE THIS BLOGGER.

Her rant number 62, 2012 “GOALLLSSS” merely says:
When did we all become so obsessed with producing stuff? Do I really want to be able to make more stuff, faster? I thought I left that shit behind in academia when I got off the Publication Purgatory treadmill. This year, do LESS.”

For me, who always has six million things on the go, this is a good mantra for the new year. If I am not doing six million things at once, I feel guilt for being slack. If I take an extra 15 minutes on my lunch break so I can get to the gym, I feel guilt. My 2012 resolution is not to feel guilt for putting myself first.

Primal-wise, things are a-okay. It has been a week of jumping out of bed before the 6am alarm goes off, no allergies, pretty good stress management, and low cravings. I find that I feel full for WAY longer, and it makes me queasy to think about eating when I am not feeling hungry. I couldn’t finish my coffee last night, and before that 6 carrots and 1 square of chocolate was too much. Kind of crazy. I think the craziest thing is the popping out of bed thing. We are in the midst of darkness at 6am, yet I am fully awake and up. It is crazy to think that my loggy mornings were diet related.

Food-wise I haven’t added anything new to the rotation, but I did make some primal peach pepitas cookies, for snacking, which are quite yummy, and some matcha green tea almond milk jello. I really really love jello, and I love to make anything I love into jello… I love you KNOX unflavoured gelatin!

Will post the recipe for the almond milk jello tonight.




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