A Primal Birthday

12 01 2012

So my birthday is on Sunday, and all I really want is to go out to a nice dinner, have a glass of wine and call it done. I mentioned some time ago to Ken I wanted to try Black Hoof for my birthday dinner.. this is a Meataporium, so I wont have a single issue with eating primal. I can get tongue, roasted bone marrow,pork belly and N’duja (i had to look that last one up, “a fiery spreadable sausage of smoked pork”..yum) etc. Should be a fun time.

I also have three “desserts” planned for the weekend of my birthday-all primal, a cookie dough truffle, a cherry-pina colada coconut truffle, and an apple bacon upside cake.

I made up the coconut pina colada truffles and the cookie dough truffles last night.. DELICIOUS. I am excited. They are very rich, but oh so good. My friend Rebecca (link) made a bunch of low sugar jam this holiday season and I bought one of her Pina Colada ones.. it is white, and would be slightly off putting smearing it on toast. I bought it knowing I would use it as a flavouring in a recipe.

I have some bacon in the fridge thawing as we speak, so I can bake it up in the oven tonight to get it primed for my apple cake come the weekend. I will certainly post what I think of this cake.

So the recipe for the Cherry Primal Balls are here and I basically subbed in the pina colada sf jam for the cherry jam. Experiment with this recipe, because you could add dried pineapple or mango and change the entire flavour of the truffle.

The cookie dough truffle is from a website called Gluten Free Fix with my adaptations for sugar free in bold. I would totally make this again for a treat.

Cookie Dough Truffles
from Gluten Free Fix

1/4 cup melted butter (exactly 1/4 cup or you’ll need to use more almond-coconut flour to make it drier)
1/4 cup honey (primal should use maple syrup, I used sf honey, but would also consider SF maple syrup)
10 drops vanilla stevia

1/4 + 2 tablespoons almond flour, packed
2 tablespoons coconut flour, packed
1/2 cup chocolate chips (high cocoa chocolate bar chopped up is what I used)

3 (300 g) 85% cocoa chocolate bars

Melt butter and pour into bowl, combine with honey-maple syrup-stevia. Add the almond flour and coconut flour and stir well. Add a bit more of each until the dough begins to come off the sides of the bowl when you stir. Add chocolate and stir until combines. Take a cookie scoop and scoop out balls, put them into a container and pop into the fridge. Forget about them until the next day.

In a clean bowl, break up chocolate bars and nuke for 30 second intervals, stirring between each session until the chocolate has melted. DO NOT over nuke because the chocolate will dry out and seize up on you’ll and then you shed a tear as you throw delicious chocolate in the garbage. Dip each cooled ball into the chocolate until coated, and place on parchment or wax paper until they harden. It will be pretty fast ~ 15 minutes as the cooled dough will set the chocolate. I used a darker chocolate for the cookie dough truffles, and a SF milk chocolate mixed with dark chocolate for the cherry pina colada truffles.

Consume at will.. YUMMO and such a treat without carb, or grains of any kind.

TADA!! Cookie dough to the right, pina colada coconut balls to the left

Overall, I am trucking along without grains.. I did cruise around Whole Foods after work and fingered some of the spelt snacks and then promptly ran away… LOL It’s awful to love food so much that you need visitation rights.




4 responses

12 01 2012

they had a dish last time i was there.. pork belly and baby pork rack with kimchi and apples. it was SO GOOD. also, the tongue on brioche was AMAZING, just skip the brioche. and you should start with their charcuterie platter. it’s one of my favourite restaurants ever!

13 01 2012

Pork Belly.. so yummy! Kimchi.. totally a primal plate. I am getting excited.

12 01 2012

LOL About visiting rights – I hear ya! God I love food. Your balls are amazing. Yep.

13 01 2012

the cookie dough ones are my favourite

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