Triple M Club – Countdown Begins

20 01 2012

So I am gearing up for my yearly trek down to Tucson and with the weather turning nasty here in Toronto, this trip couldn’t have come at a better time. How to explain the scale and utter craziness of this place with the Tucson Gem and Mineral show happening is just not possible. A small sleepy town, recording the most days of sunshine of anywhere in the United States, gets a population surge of 50,000 people from all over the world for this show. I timed my 30 days primal to end a day and a half before I head down.. hmmm :). I can’t go to Tucson and not have at least a little bit of green tamale.

Our little group that meets every year, stays in the same hotel, and generally cavorts around are a group of colleagues from the NHM, London, GIA, U of Manitoba, and their friends. I tell Ken it is like a family reunion, in that these people are like my Tucson family for the two weeks of every year. Our group has been dubbed the Triple M club, Minerals, Mountains and Margaritas (the last bit is now dead to me unless they give me an unsweetened one, which just sounds like a sour mess)
Geodes everywhere

We sit around and gossip about our small industry, gush over what we saw that day and “OMG did you see the price”, help each other to decide on purchases, and just general information sharing.
Besides the comradery, there is something magical about the desert this time of year, the fresh produce from Mexico which tastes delicious, the massive burst of vitamin D from the sun, and the walking and hiking outside looking at 1000s of vendors and their stuff they brought to sell to us.

I use to look to this trip with a bit of anxiety prior to WLS, not unlike a family reunion because I tended to gain a bit of weight during every year and then have to face people slightly heavier than the previous year. I was awful feeling like I was being judged, and the reality of it was that I was the one that was judging myself, no one else cared and everyone was happy to see me every year.
All Smiles

I don’t feel the same anxiety about pulling summer clothes out of my closet in February anymore other than my legs look like paste given the weather and I am critical that I may need a peddy before I go.

Bring it on the nice weather!




2 responses

20 01 2012

Have a wonderful time and enjoy all the sunshine (oh how I miss Reno at this time of year!) Have some Mexican food for me too! REAL mexican food!
PS: Tequila is just as good as a shot!

23 01 2012

Thanks Tina!! I need a blast of the D!!

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