Primal Bacon & Egg Meatlog

26 01 2012

Primal Update: 26 DAYS!!

Revelation #1
I am doing well, remarkable how fast time flies. I miss cheese, and find it is hard to figure out what snacks to pack with a protein component that aren’t dairy based. I guess I relied heavily on cottage cheese, cheese, cream cheese, and yogurt for this mid-afternoon protein boosts.

Revelation #2
I have also been training REALLY hard and I cannot believe the recovery time on this diet. I have effectively doubled my squat weight in 26 days with minimal soreness the next day. Prior, a hard work out day would leave me slightly crippled on day one and two. I am in awe.

Revelation #3
Dairy isnt always my friend. While primal, I have been avoiding MOST dairy and only opting for organic cream in my two coffees per day. I have had zero issues with it, no snot, so I figure dairy isnt my issue. WELP, this past weekend I made Ken some Banana Cream cheesecake in a cup and had one. I completely caved. Well, 10 minutes later I started sneezing, I stuffed up completely, my palate started to other words, I had a reaction. CRAP! So, I am sticking to raw-organic dairy & cheese, and pass on the latte for an Americano or cappuccino, something with less milk. I think volume is the key to this.. a glass of milk, probably not, but some raw cow milk organic 10 year old cheddar, no problem.

So that is me. I currently have a chest cold, that I think my husband gave me. I felt like I was getting something Tuesday afternoon, and passed on the gym, Wednesday I peeled myself out of bed and headed to work because of my schedule and volunteers hoping I’d last the day, and went home at 3pm. Today I am surfing the couch, better in the chest but I have some GI distress. I feel it is working it’s way out.. *knock on wood* What does freak me out is my last gym day was Sunday.. I need to do some exercise because I need to sleep the sleep of the dead. I’ll have to figure out something today.

Eggs, it what’s for dinner…sorta

Because Ken and I have been the walking dead this week, we have been preparing meals ahead of time in case one of us took a turn for the worst. Comfort food is the name of the game this week. This meatloaf reminds me of those French Canadian Buche de Noel cakes, but with meat.

Bacon & Eggs Meatlog
a morph of a couple of recipes

2 lbs ground sirloin beef (or extra lean ground… or any ground meat you want)
4 hardboiled eggs, shells off
1 egg
2 onions, chopped and sauted
1 tbsp ground garlic powder (or any spice of choice)
1/2 package of applewood smoked bacon, thin sliced is key here
**crushed pork rinds as a binder if need be (esp if you use ground turkey).. addition by Rina R. Great tip Rina!

Preheat oven to 375, and line a pan with parchment paper or tinfoil. This will save you big clan up when you bake this log, because there will be fat coming off the meat and bacon.

Mix the ground beef, raw egg, spices, and onions. Mush it together to distribute everything through the meat. If you need to dry up the meat, throw in some crushed pork rinds.

Grab 2/3 of the meat and flatten and mold to a log shape with the sides coming up to nest the hardboiled eggs in.

Grab the other 1/3 of the meat and cap and seal the eggs into their meat tomb.

Lastly, grab the bacon and lay the bacon over the top of the log-o-meat with minimal overlap if you like crunchy bacon. The bacon will have a hard time crisping up if you layer it on too thick. This is completely personal preference. Ready for the oven or saran it up and pop into your fridge until you are ready to bake.

Bake for 40 minutes and check with a meat thermometer for done-ness as it is a dome of meat, it will take some time to cook. Here I am in a rare meat modeling pose.

Let rest for 10 minutes and slice and serve. Here is Ken’s slice with a drizzle of hot sauce over the whole thing. I will take full ownership that the image looks less than appetizing, but I can ensure you, this is a complete do-over.




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1 02 2012

scotch eggy.

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